AOD offers many services. Custom services are available.

Video walls are not as easy to install as they look. While the product being installed meets rigorous specifications, the walls and environment these products are installed are never the same. No wall is completely flat and the makeup and contents within the wall are often different. We only utilize professional installers for this work and can build out unique product certifications to create and authorized service provider who can represent either your product or your brand.

Call Center & Customer Service Support

Every customer is Loved
When a customer contacts us for dispatch or support, our goal is to resolve their situation while leaving them with a feeling of being treated as if they were the most important person in the world; reinforcing your brand image in the activity. The experience provides a combination of empathy, patience, courtesy, listening, professionalism, sympathy and treating every customer as if they’re your most important customer.


Installation of Custom Video Walls
Our skilled technicians can install customized video walls for any configuration of size or shape. Operation Centers, Security Rooms, Entertainment, and Advertising can all benefit from professional installation and configurations with the proper content management. Our team works to provide a branded experience with service performed quickly, concisely, and effectively.

Project Management

Strong project management and communication
Our management team takes pride in overseeing the details of project delivery. We provide multi-site service delivery and expertise to manage projects of all shapes and sizes. We ensure your scope requirements are achieved and your schedule is completed safely and on time.