AOD offers many services. Custom services are available.

Our design team can perform a local site survey to gather the requirements of the coloration space and then design a solution that meets your clients’ needs and matches your product offering. With multiple locations and so many teleworkers, these spaces need to be easy to access and simple (yet elegant) to use. This is another service we can either partner, white-label, or build out a service network that supports your brand and requirements.

Custom Design and Planning

More than just hardware installation
Our in-house designer and architect can blueprint digital collaboration rooms and meeting spaces that are not only functional by stylish. We can integrate your digital products with custom design and décor which will empower customers to collaborate and succeed.

Conference Rooms

Digital Meeting and Workplaces
More than a boardroom, making it a war room. In a virtual world where many workers are located remotely, the installation of your products can allow small businesses and enterprise companies to provide a single place where workers can collaborate on shared projects.

Huddle Rooms

Collaboration Stations
Design and Installation of strategically small meeting spaces that will utilize audio and video collaboration. Our skilled technicians can install and configure video conferencing, LED monitors, and interactive whiteboards to meet your clients' or customer’s needs. These stations are designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily across multiple locations.

Project Management

Strong project management and communication
Our management team takes pride in overseeing the details of project delivery. We provide multi-site service delivery and expertise to manage projects of all shapes and sizes. We ensure your scope requirements are achieved and your schedule is completed safely and on time.